System - Information

Why Max Crop?

Max Crop is unique management software, which increases the competitiveness of the farm, speeds up and reduces the cost of production and management of employees. It helps increase the control of crops and improves the planning of the farm.

Fundamentals of Max Crop System

The System consists of two integral parts: on computers and mobile devices (phones/tablets or dedicated scanning devices).

Software installed on mobile devices provides the ability to keep the very fast recording of the worker's data, such as working time, break time, the number of picked fruits or vegetables.

The above examples show how field management becomes easier and faster when compared to traditional pen and paper. The data collected in the "field" during the day, can be sent over the Internet to your private user account.

Another integral part of the System is the Web browser Software. After logging in to your private profile you get full access to the data, which has been collected by staff in the "field". The program automatically calculates the amounts due for the time worked for each employee, will sum up the amount of fruit/vegetables that employee has collected and calculated the amount due for payment for work on the "piece work". You can prepare crop comparison data, assess the expenses and income of your plantation, payment due to employees and many others.

Safety and Convenience


All data collected by the Max Crop System is stored securely on servers, if a computer fails at work there is no loss of data. In addition, you have full access to the Max Crop System from any computer in the world with an Internet connection. Max Crop requires only your username and password, and your "office" is always available to you.