The Max Crop System is a intelligent assistant designed for fruits, veggies and mushrooms growers (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, cherries, apples, asparagus, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms) where the employees are accounted in the piece work and time work system.

Start to save your time and money with Max Crop!

Forget the time-consuming settlement workers and harvest!

Throw out unnecessary piles of sheets, notebooks, and binders!

What profits you gain thanks to the Max Crop System?

  • Reduce management and labor costs,

  • Increasing employee productivity,

  • Saving time (up to 3 hours a day) thanks to quick preparation of settlements,

  • Rich statistics by which you know the real cost and cost-effectiveness of crops,

  • Traceability - product traceability through the use of NFC tags or bar codes on bulk packets and rows,

  • Accurate accounting of staff and harvest time,

  • Office at hand - access your account from any device with Internet access,

  • Data recording and settlement of employees on the field using a telephone or PDA,

  • User friendly software,

  • Software at an affordable price for each farm​​

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Max Crop is user-friendly:  intuitive and transparent to use. Therefore harvest and office management is simple and fast.

Max Crop is a unique software, which raises the competitiveness of the farm, speeds up and reduces the cost of production and management of employees. It helps increase the control of crops and improves the planning on the farm.

"I cannot imagine myself controlling the harvest without having the Max Crop System. Without the scanner and system, it would be difficult to manage during harvest time. Using this system significantly increases the supervision and control of employees."

Hanna Moscardo Malinowski - Berry Bliss Farm

"Max Crop is a great help in managing our blueberries plantation. The system is very intuitive and easy to use, a great deal of its support for both the workers at harvest and other work and managers who analyse data collected through Max Crop System."

        Sandra Stefaniak - Blueberry Wielkopolska Agro-Trade

"Implementation of the Max Crop system on our farm reduced the time of payment settlements from 30 days to one. The system is transparent, easy to use, and the service operates 24 hours a day. We left the past, with notebooks and pages of illegible handwriting and errors arising the duplication of the same names. the current processing after harvesting enables immediate analysis of the situation on the plantations. "

  Ewa Januchowska - Good Strawberry Farm

Max Crop what it is?

Max Crop is an intelligent software for farm management, which greatly speeds up the work of the management and settlement of workers’ wages. Max Crop saves you valuable time and money!

How does Max Crop work?

Data collected by phone during the day is sent to your private account using the internet. On your computer, you have access to detailed information, such as a summary information of the work day or the work period. You can prepare a statement for crops, assess the expenses and income of your plantation, employees payments, and many others.

Why do you need to use Max Crop?

If you collect your data with pen & paper, manually accounting for employees is tedious and time-consuming. Max Crop is fast, accurate and efficiently provides you with the information you requires to run your business more profitably.

Fresh Plaza

An internship in Poland by Liza Lievens.

An insight into cultivation and trading of Polish blueberries.

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