Below is a list of the System Max Crop farm management components. 



PC with internet access

oprogramowanie dla rolnictwa

The only requirement for the PC is access to the Internet, and the current version of one of the leading web browsers, for example. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer/Edge, Mozilla Firefox.


The mobile device  - smartphone, tablet, dedicated scanning devices with Android System

Mobile devices do not require a permanent connection with the Internet. The connection is only necessary to send data to the server, eg. after work.

To use cards and NFC tags, your smartphone must be equipped with NFC transmitter.

Cards and NFC tags

NFC cards for employee identification and NFC tags for the packages, boxes, and rows.

They are not required to work with the Max Crop System, but using them provides additional functionality.


system do zarządzania max crop

Only required when using Datalogic Elf or Datalogic Axist scanners. Barcodes we use as:

- Employees IDs

- Barcodes to mark fruit/vegs containers are optional. They are not necessary for the proper functioning of the Max Crop System, however, they give us additional capabilities.